Take a moment to yourself, take a deep breath in, and then imagine what you would rather be doing instead of working or performing household chores. If you’re anything like the folks at TheArcadeSite, then the answer is incredibly simple: you would rather be playing video games in your spare time and having a bit of fun. Most of us who have grown up with video games as a hobby know the troubles that come with holding down a day job in the hopes of paying all of the bills. It leaves us less time to play the games we enjoy so much.

Well, with TheArcadeSite, anyone can hop on and enjoy some of the very best premium browser games on the market currently. Each game has been carefully selected to ensure the maximum amount of fun and game time can be experienced by almost anyone. If you tend to be somewhat of a picky player, then check out the various categories on the page to find a video game that is more of your style. TheArcadeSite is not too picky, so we tend to feature games of all genres and styles.


Unlike many sites listing some of the best premium games, TheArcadeSite has long vowed to provide the very best experience in terms of gaming for the community we love to be a part of. We only select games that we actually want to play. If the game isn’t any fun, it does not make it on the featured list we have running on the website currently.

These games tend to be completely free to play through your own browser. No download is generally required, though some games may feature a small download or update in order to play correctly. In that case, you should know your privacy is held in high regards and each link has been vetted to be as safe as possible.

Customer Service

TheArcadeSite has the profound ability to claim that we offer some of the best customer service and response times in the industry. Every single game or article listed on the site has a comment section, which the community will note at the bottom of the article. Every single concern, criticism, or issue is relayed directly to the dedicated team to be handled within a timely manner.

Our Goals

As most in the community can tell, TheArcadeSite is relatively new to the gaming market. That does not mean we’re amateurs, however. The experienced folks working tirelessly behind the scenes have been in the gaming world for a long time now. Today, TheArcadeSite is new. Tomorrow, however, the online gaming site is going to grow exponentially and offer the best service for the games in stock.

We want our community to be a significant part of our growth. If the online gaming site grows, then the offerings available to every single viewer and player will grow right alongside the site. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for TheArcadeSite and everyone involved!